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what you will be learning

Protect Your Passion

Learn Essential Skills That Will Help You Comfortably Travel To Medium-Risk Countries

After completing the Sentinel training, you will have the confidence to comfortably travel to medium-risk countries. With the changing climate in our world, it is wise to gain the skills in this course allowing you to share the gospel in difficult locations. This four-hour self-paced training will help you avoid being victimized as you pursue God's call.

You will learn...

  • Personal Security

  • How to Have a Safety Mindset

  • How to Avoid Crime

  • How to Answer Tough Questions

  • How to Safely Plan for Your Travel

  • How to Protect Sensitive Information

About Your Instructors

Sentinel Instructors

Your Sentinel instructors bring with them combined experience in law enforcement, counseling, Christian education, missions, public relations, and communications. All have a heart for sharing their experiences and knowledge with those serving in missions, with the ultimate goal of furthering the gospel while protecting you, your families and your ministries.