Travel Safe

Protect What Matters Most

Fort Sherman Academy's Travel Safe course is specifically designed to help you teach your children how to stay safe in the field.

Training for all ages.

This training is designed for all ages and is broken down into three age groups based on their educational needs.


  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Parent's Guide

  • 2

    Ages 3-5

    • Ages 3-5 Scenarios

    • Obey and Stay Safe

    • Stick Close and Stay Safe

    • Obey, Right Away and Stay Safe

  • 3

    Ages 6-11

    • Ages 6-11 Scenarios

    • Rules of Conduct - Stop, Listen, Obey, and Say

    • Stick Close and Stay Safe

    • Obey, Right Away and Stay Safe

  • 4

    Ages 12-17

    • Ages 12-17 Scenarios

    • Stick to the STS

    • Stay Alert and Aware

    • Think Smart - Act Smart

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    • Thank you!

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Fort Sherman Academy

Fort Sherman Academy trains and supports organizations in faith-based security and risk management. We assist in the furtherance of their mission by training them to better avoid, protect, and survive potential or actual adverse events thus allowing them to reach every corner of the globe.

What you will learn

  • Obeying Mom and Dad

  • Avoiding Strangers

  • What to Say

  • What Not to Say

  • Ideas for Staying Safe

  • Being Aware