Protect What Needs To Be Protected

Skills That Will Help You As You Travel To Low Risk Countries

With the changing climate in our world, it is wise to gain skills that allow us to share the gospel to the ends of the earth.  This self-paced training will give you the guidance that will help avoid being victimized as you pursue God's call.


More Than Money

 We are called to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. How do we protect the most important resource, ourselves and those we're there to serve? 

About Your Instructor

Fort Sherman Academy

Fort Sherman Academy trains and supports organizations in faith-based security and risk management. We assist in the furtherance of their mission by training them to better avoid, protect, and survive potential or actual adverse events thus allowing them to reach every corner of the globe.

What you will learn

  • Safety Mindset

  • Avoiding Crime

  • Answering Questions

  • Planning

  • Personal Security

  • Protecting Information